Perfect Poison available as a paperback

We went all the way with this brand new anthology. Daring Damsels is bringing it out as a paperback. Available on Createspace right now. Appearing on other venues soon.

Medieval Mistletoe Paperback

cover of the print version

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12 Lords a’leaping Blog Hop

12 Lords a'Leaping blog hop game

Read it and play along!

The Warrior's Game cover

Michel and Ami discover just how well they’re suited.

Just in case you missed it from above the name you want from me is Michel.  Michel de Martigny is one of my favorite heroes.  He’s common son of a noblewoman forced for monetary reasons to marry down and one of King John’s despised French mercenaries–the same mercenaries who were the catalyst for the Magna Carta.  All Michel wants is the reward John promised him–a gentlewoman to take to wife, the woman who will bear his children and restore his mother’s bloodline–even if it means living in England among the English who despise him.  Best of all, he keeps his chain mail painted black supposedly to cover the bloodstains left by all the knights he’s killed (a rumor he started himself).

2015 calendar

2015 Calendar featuring your favorite Medieval authors!

Follow these links to collect the names you need to play the game:
PS—some folks have had trouble reaching Lana’s page so in case you need it her hero’s name is Nicholas
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I added 6 more olive trees–okay, these are olive twiglets, not really trees–today with no more hope that they’ll make it than crossed fingers.  I purchased two in February and planted them, then watched them triple in size through the summer.  Although these little guys are supposed to do well in our planting zone, their description also says they don’t take well to anything below 22 degrees–and we’ve been known to get as cold as 8.  My hope is that the hillside stays a little warmer for them.  I’ll also cover them in a thick layer of hay and frost cloth for the winter.

This is a huge step for me!  I’ve been wanting to add olives to the raspberry hill for 2 years.  Whoo!

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Turkeys on the porch this morning.  Unfortunately for them, the dogs had eaten all the kibble.  Hah!  Those young toms really have to go, especially now that they’re eying my winter garden full of young lettuces, tat soi and bok choi along with fennel and cilantro.  Fences are no barriers to flying birds and these turkeys definitely fly.  A good thing, that!  We’ve had a mountain lion hunting the edges of the property.  It must be a young cat because it’s coming out during the daylight hours.  But it’s not daring enough to brave Bear, who is almost the same size.

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New Cover for the Anthology

MMsmallTOC Well, it’s really coming! A brand new set of novellas by the “Daring Damsels”. That’s what the four of us call ourselves–and daring we are, braving the book market all on our own. This will be a great set to put onto your Kindle or Nook for Christmas.  Included, along with my novella Perfect Poison will be Mistletoe Magic by Laurel O’Donnell, One Knight under the Mistletoe by Catherine Kean and Wild Highland Mistletoe by Eliza Knight.

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Perfect Poison

cover for Perfect PoisonIT’S FINISHED AT LAST!  I don’t know why this story took so long for me to finish.  Maybe I didn’t want it to end.  I think I’m happy with it now, though.  I’m posting an excerpt for you to read, but you’ll be able to read the rest in a Christmas Anthology called Medieval Mistletoe (soon to be released for Kindle and Nook) that also includes stories by Catherine Kean, Laurel O’Donnell and Eliza Knight.

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Plucking Chickens

Three women farmers, one with a baby on her hip, one with a baby on her back, one far too old to think about babies, all leaning over the edge of a homemade Whizbang Chicken Plucker, watching it de-feather two freshly slaughtered chickens in 30 seconds, and all of us saying “Ooooh” in complete appreciation of the time just saved.

The Whizbang Chicken plucker

Built mostly by my sister Peggy and me

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A great new set of 8 books

A new box set of books, featuring 8 great authors (I’m one of them)….  You can pre-order on Amazon


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I farm

We were putting the turkeys away the other night when all of a sudden one of Tom’s daughters–a younger hen–walked up to him and began cleaning his face and head.  He let her pick off whatever it was for at least 3 minutes before he turned his head to the side as if to say “enough”.

Our mascot, Tom the Turkey

Tom is 3 years old now. He loves children and dogs…

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I write

I write Medievals.  Don’t know why I love the Twelfth Century in Europe, but I just do.  The Europeans were in the middle of a mini-pre-renaissance at the time.  Money was flowing, people were moving up the social ladder, ideas were being generated.  And, the weather was great!  It was warm enough that wine grapes were being grown as far north as York in England.

Of course, as often happens all good things come to an end.  But for that one brief, shining moment….

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