A great new set of 8 books

A new box set of books, featuring 8 great authors (I’m one of them)….  You can pre-order on Amazon


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I farm

We were putting the turkeys away the other night when all of a sudden one of Tom’s daughters–a younger hen–walked up to him and began cleaning his face and head.  He let her pick off whatever it was for at least 3 minutes before he turned his head to the side as if to say “enough”.

Our mascot, Tom the Turkey

Tom is 3 years old now. He loves children and dogs…

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I write

I write Medievals.  Don’t know why I love the Twelfth Century in Europe, but I just do.  The Europeans were in the middle of a mini-pre-renaissance at the time.  Money was flowing, people were moving up the social ladder, ideas were being generated.  And, the weather was great!  It was warm enough that wine grapes were being grown as far north as York in England.

Of course, as often happens all good things come to an end.  But for that one brief, shining moment….

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