Goodbye Wilma

Wilma in San Jose

Here she is in her new bedroom having her first California meal

This weekend, we said goodbye to Wilma, the mother of our kittens Wilburt (Burtie) and William (Billy). She’s a calico and, try as she might, she couldn’t acclimate to our multi-cat plus dog household. She was miserable and was making everyone else miserable as well. She hated Walter, our cuddle cat, so much he stopped coming inside at all. Bless my sister! She and her husband so enjoyed Wilma while house sitting they offered to make her an only cat. She has survived the journey and is beginning to settle in out in California where she has 2500 square feet of privacy, and two properly trained people to see to her every need.

As for the kittens, I hate to say that they haven’t seemed to missed her.   And since she left I’ve twice seen Big Gray, the feral male who has made buddies out of all our male cats, close to the house.  I’m wondering if he’s now thinking of moving in…

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