Valentine’s Day

Denise and Ed

Here we are in Greece just before the orchard incident...

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone, but especially to my own precious Valentine. Thanks -for coming into my life, making me move 11 times in 13 years, letting me live in The Netherlands and Japan, getting me lost in a Greek olive orchard, running me down a hill in Brazil (at the bottom of which was a man with a gun), dragging me out to swim with the sharks in Tahiti, teaching me to pull sharks’ tails on the Great Barrier Reef, throwing me into a jungle river in Belize, and letting my son spit off the top of the Eiffel Tower (the wind blew it back into his face).

Thank you for introducing me to solar power, geo-thermal, and water wheels.  I hope you are as happy to learn about Permaculture, bio-dynamic farming and organic growing practices.  I’m so glad you love Mother Earth News as much as I do.

Thanks, too, for not getting too angry when I brought home the dog.  Really, she herded the chickens right back into the orchard the other day after she thought the kittens had tortured them long enough.  She even barked protectively at something the other day.  Surely that makes up for the dirt and mud she brings into the house after swimming in the ditch.

And thank you even more for turning around when I told you “If you want that place (meaning Green Acres) we need to turn around now and buy it today.”  If you hadn’t listened to me, we wouldn’t be living into our future on this almost farm and loving our life together more than we ever have.

Twenty-five amazing years and many more to come!  My life would be so empty without you.

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